Diverse Strategic Solutions for Your Business

Strategy and Planning

Typically, we are asked to perform an intense turnaround assignment to create an updated strategic business plan that will 'work.' Invariably this involves cost base rightsizing, marketing strategy review, and a "standard costing" and sales pricing analysis. Scenarios include:

  • Ownership is concerned at financial performance
  • Lead lender/lessor considers the business non-performing
  • Business is delinquent or on lender's watch list

Tracbiz will perform an end-to-end business review; deliver a report with detailed recommendations, including a fully developed turnaround and restructuring business plan.

Traction Business Development LLC

We will create a 2-year financial model, complete with variance analyses to illustrate how robust the model is and to highlight critical variables. Tracbiz will also achieve buy-in of ownership and lead lender(s) and the lessor(s).

Key Deliverables:

  • New business plan.
  • Financial model and framework for monthly financial and variance reporting.
  • Reorganization chart with workflows and operating efficiencies.
  • Road map with execution plan and timetable detailing deliverables and milestones
  • Staff engagement program to build teamwork and confidence in the people whose involvement and commitment will be critical to success

Clients Say: "You respectfully articulated the 'as is' and thoughtfully formulated the 'to be' recommending a truly viable approach as you expertly traversed our evolving environment."

Interim Executive Leadership

Typically we're engaged in Interim Executive Leadership assignments in one of these scenarios:

  • An executive has been unexpectedly displaced for whatever reason
  • An internal audit has revealed that a subsidiary is under-performing
  • A business has serious concerns about staff morale and engagement
  • Having completed a Strategy and Planning assignment, Tracbiz can become the catalyst to save the business by implementing the turnaround business plan.

Recent successful assignments include:

  • Nine-month assignment in Mexico City restructuring the subsidiary of a US Vendor Finance company. Implementing a new go-to-market strategy, relationships with equipment vendor customers improved. The business was successfully relaunched, achieving revenue growth targets. A permanent General Manager was recruited.
  • Two-year assignment with 1,000 physicians multi-specialty medical practice in the Mid-West. Restructuring radiology, laboratory, and physical therapy service lines generated substantial improvement in financial results, re-energizing the staff with resultant improvement in patient survey results. Directors were recruited for each division.
Traction Business Development LLC
  • Two-year assignment as Interim Managing Director with the US vendor finance subsidiary of a major Canadian construction equipment manufacturer to implement the Strategic Plan that Tracbiz had developed. Negotiated a program with a leading third-party finance house, booking more than $250,000,000 in new business. Reduced headcount with significant cost savings while simultaneously creating a fully engaged team. Recruited permanent Managing Director.

Clients Say: In addition to top-notch business acumen, the legacy he left with me and my team is that the most successful business starts and ends with great leaders that inspire their employees.

Leadership Development

Building on our experiences coaching and mentoring more than 350 leaders - executives, directors, managers and supervisors - we are excited to make our proven leadership development program available to all Traction clients. Please call/email David Waldron for an initial, no-obligation conversation

Improving Results

Need to implement change quickly in an environment where either new leadership must be recruited, or existing leadership requires hands-on coaching from an experienced business leader? Tracbiz will address improving results from two directions:

  • Building the top line – growing revenues with sales/marketing initiatives
  • Introducing recruitment and retention tools resulting in a high-performance team

We'll help you create a clear line of sight from your strategic business plan through performance metrics to sales and marketing compensation.

Traction Business Development LLC

Relaunch and re-energize your sales and marketing team with concise expectations, clear goals, appropriate measurements. Especially impactful where role clarity is fuzzy or reporting lines are imprecise. Also applicable to new teams forming, teams in transition due to merger, restructuring, rightsizing or pending an acquisition.

The following Traction modules will contribute to improving results:

  • Redefine the "go to market" strategy and marketing approach
  • Refresh the team with a personalized 'point of sale' toolbox
  • Recruit and retain the right individuals using our recruitment and retention tool to screen candidates and evaluate incumbents against the desired profile.

Typically, these modules will be integrated into an extended assignment as a complete 'end-to-end' business improvement engagement. Performance and results milestones will be established, and management reporting infrastructure will be created to track progress.

Some elements may be negotiated on a 'Pay for Performance' basis.

Process Re-Engineering

All Tracbiz projects and assignments start with a three-step assessment:

  • WHAT is the goal, what does the client want to achieve, what does "success" look like?
  • WHY does the client want to achieve that goal? Is there an alternative "solution" that could deliver an even better result?
  • HOW can the "solution" be delivered? How can the resulting "performance improvement" be sustainable, reproducible, and embraced by the staff?

Process re-engineering is almost invariably a critical part of the HOW. It is also the perfect way to involve staff, have them "own" aspects of the project deliverables, and thus become engaged in the future.

Projects start with creating a roadmap of the "As Is" – in other words, diagram how the task or process operates today: every step, full details, every touchpoint. Then using a Mind Mapping approach, together with Lean Six Sigma concepts, start mapping the "To Be," showing every detail of the desired process – this becomes the diagram of the HOW.

Two examples of engagements with the 1,000 physicians medical practice in the Mid-West:

Traction Business Development LLC
  • 30-minute screening mammogram appointments were offered at multiple locations. The goal was to reduce patient waiting and improve access. 20-minute appointments would increase capacity by 50% and achieve the goal. The "HOW" challenge to the staff resulted in multiple "To Be" process improvements (scheduling; registration; check-in; room prep; patient engagement; changing facilities). New process delivered the targeted 20-minute appointments.
  • The physical therapy group offered services at multiple locations. Two goals were set – optimize the patient experience while also maximizing productivity. Through detailed "To Be" process mapping with staff engagement, a 100% increase in productivity was achieved while simultaneously improving patient survey scores.

Global Partner Program

With more than 50 years of experience in the global markets, Traction is extremely well placed to partner with early-stage and developing technology innovators, manufacturers, and distributors. Traction can assist with market research, market niche analysis, go-to-market strategy, and product distribution planning – either as a facilitator or on a contracted basis. Expertise ranges from sales channel restructuring to new product launches spanning multiple industry sectors from sophisticated technology solutions through B to B commercial services to healthcare.

Recent successful assignments include:

  • Working with a Swedish machine tool manufacturer as Interim North America President to establish a network of distributors across Canada, USA, and Mexico.
  • Working with a Canadian construction equipment manufacturer as Interim Managing Director to restructure their captive finance subsidiary, identify and contract with a third party vendor finance provider and close $250,000,000 in new equipment financing.

Clients Say: Your ability to connect us with the right players along the journey was critical for our success.

Patricia WidmeyerFormer Finance and IT Director    Skyjack, Ontario, Canada

Technology Financing

How a business finances its investments in technology should be as strategic a decision as to its choice of that technology. Operating leases, capital leases, loans, and rental programs should all be utilized in a well-structured approach to managing technology investments.

We have never worked with a client that doesn't utilize technology financing! We have helped sophisticated, billion $$ clients manage their leasing portfolio, and we have helped early-stage clients finance their first IT and document management system. On one hand, we have worked with lessors to reflect on and redefine their go-to-market strategy and improve sales penetration while, on the other, we have helped lessees to review and revamp their utilization of technology financing.


Contact us to learn how we have:

  • Obtained a refund of $200,000 for a client trapped in a web of IT operating leases
  • Unraveled "cost per copy" office systems contracts to save clients thousands of dollars
  • Built integrated asset financing programs that brought structure to the liability side of the balance sheet while matching liabilities to the expected useful life of financed assets
  • Sourced low-cost financing for numerous clients

Ask us to audit your technology and asset financing contracts. We are so confident that we can save you money that we will accept a share of the overall cost savings that we generate for you as our fee!!

For more details, please contact David J. Waldron at [email protected]