Driving Revenue Growth

Leverage our experience and benefit from our track record of multiple successful engagements where we have defined and implemented strategic plans, led turnabouts and helped early stage businesses grow and thrive.


Strategic Solutions to Help You Refocus on Your Growth

Struggling to define your marketplace position? Hard to see opportunities in the threats and challenges you are confronting? Concerned about sluggish sales growth or worrying about negative cash flow?

Traction distinguishes itself as a catalyst for change through a suite of strategic engagements that will help you to stop the bleeding and refocus for growth.

Our Core Competencies Are:

Traction Business Development LLC

Strategy and Planning
Working with a wide range of clients
from SMEs to major multinationals, supporting strategic planning needs and developing performance improvement plans.

Traction Business Development LLC

Interim leadership assignments
leading transition and restructuring initiatives that lead to improved business results. Includes balance sheet and asset management with sophisticated investment decision support tools.

Traction Business Development LLC

Leadership Development
Providing an exquisite suite of leadership development classes and workshops, focusing on building a culture of staff engagement and exceptional customer experience.

Traction Business Development LLC

Improving Results
An unwavering, relentless focus on improving business results.

Traction Business Development LLC

Process Re-engineering
Using mind mapping and lean six sigma principals to drive performance improvement.


Traction's success draws upon more than 50 years of business leadership with achievements in financial and commercial leadership and successful business reorganization and recovery, spanning the Americas, APAC and EMEA - combined with an industry reputation for integrity, tenacity, and delivering results.