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How a business finances its investments in technology should be as strategic a decision as its choice of that technology. Operating leases, capital leases, loans and rental programs should all be utilized in a well-structured approach to managing technology investments.

We have never worked with a client that doesn't utilize technology financing! We have helped sophisticated, billion $$ clients manage their leasing portfolio and we have helped early stage clients finance their first IT and document management system. On one hand we have worked with lessors to reflect on and redefine their go-to-market strategy and improve sales penetration while on the other hand we have helped lessees to review and revamp their utilization of technology financing.

Contact us to learn how we have:

  • Helped technology lessors grow market share and margin
  • Helped lessees restructure their balance sheets and achieve more agile management of assets
  • Saved lessees hundreds of thousands of dollars through renegotiating lease obligations
  • Sourced low cost financing for numerous clients

Ask us to audit your technology financing contracts. We are so confident that we can save you money that we will accept a share of the overall cost savings that we generate for you as our fee!!


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